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2019-6-18 featured in Fuji TV in Japan.
2019-6-10 Digital Detox program on August 2nd - 3rd is now fully booked.
2018-11-17 French Digital Detox organizers visited our retreat.
2018-8-10 featured in French Media “nippon connection”.
2017-11-27 featured in Atami Newspaper.
2017-2-27 featured in Weekly Report of Nomura Securities Co., Ltd.
2016-12-28 featured in Japanese magazine “Monthly Diet&Beauty, 2016 December”.
2016-5-12 featured in French IT media “Les Numeriques”.
2016-1-30 featured in Nippon TV “News24”.
2016-1-29 featured in a Sanin Chuo TV.
2016-1-20 featured in a Kansai TV in Japan.
2016-1-20 featured in a Shizuoka Daiichi TV in Japan.
2016-1-14 featured in KBS Kyoto Radio.
2016-1-6 featured in Japanese newspaper “The Asahi Shinbun”.
2015-10-27 featured in Singapore Beauty&Lifestyle magazine “Her World Magazine”.
2015-8-16 featured in Singapore fassion magazine “Simply Her Singapore”.
2015-5-23 featured in a magazine called weekly Diamond.
2015-4-20 featured in a general culture magazine for Police officers.
2015-4-16 Retreat Kushunada was featured on NHK G News.
2015-4-11 Retreat Kushunada was featured on NHK (Nagoya) News.
2015-3-15 Retreat Kushunada was featured on NHK (Shizuoka) News.
2015-3-5 Retreat Kushunada was on the morning paper of The Nikkei.
2015-2-10 Retreat Kushunada was featured on TBS News.
2015-1-21 Our Digital Detox plan was on NTT Docomo Trend&Topic1/21vol.
2015-1-16 Retreat Kushunada was featured on the top page of "cityliving" magagine.
2014-12-27 Retreat Kushunada was on the national page of The Japan Times.
2014-12-26 Retreat Kushunada was featured on The Japan Times NEWS.
2014-11-21 Retreat Kushunada was on the morning papers of Sankei.
2014-11-20 Digital Detox program on December 6th - 7th is now fully booked.
2014-11-16 Retreat Kushunada was featured on  Sankei news (online).
2014-10-11 Digital Detox program on November 8th - 9th is now fully booked.
2014-09-19 Retreat Kushunada was featured on “Chanshiri” in “Asha-chan” TBS.
2014-09-16 Renewed a page of “Voices”.
2014-08-12 Digital Detox program on September 6th - 7th is now fully booked.

What's Digital Detox?

The idea of Digital Detox is to take digital devices away from you for a while and detach from the internet. With Digital Detox you will learn to concentrate on the things that are right in front of you and to listen to yourself.

Digital Detox first started in the U.S. Around 2012 and has gained popularity among celebrities and IT companies all over the world.

Hearing “Digital Detox”, you might imagine that it is just a return to the Industrial Age. But here at Retreat Kushunada, Digital Detox invites you to disconnect all digital devices and sharpen your intuition. After the detox you will be able to reconnect to digital devices again in a completely new way. That is our goal and the meaning of digital detox.

Just as too much drinking and overeating is not good for us, we also need to be watching our information intake.

Once freed from information overload, you will be able to see the minutiae in front of you and enjoy thefeeling of connectedness again.

If you think you are in a sea of overabundant information and are endlessly attracted to social media, we highly recommend the Digital Detox program.
Reconnect to the world again with full imagination and creativity. Meet your core with this powerful experience and bring light to your world.

About Us - Retreat Kushunada -

Kushunada is a retreat that will brighten up your inner self and help you rediscover your own inspiration.Atami is surrounded by mystical mountains, ancient rivers, and the powerful sound of the Pacific Ocean. Our retreat leads you to the extraordinary, a mere 50 minutes from Tokyo by bullet train.

The optimum space for Digital Detox

“Are you sure that we can survive without digital devices?” “Won't we get bored?”
No worries.  The programs we have here are designed so that you can enjoy your “off-line” life without stress.

Full of nature and a strong culture

Atami, where Retreat Kushunada is located, is a town built on a mountain side that rises straight out of the ocean. You will be able to feel the energy of life just by breathing deeply here. People get inspired just entering this town. Atami used to be a cultural town that economic greats and writers like Osamu Dazai often frequented.

You will be staying near the powerful and meaningful historic Kinomiya Shrine, during the detox.
Retreat Kushunada offers great views of the cultural and spiritual town Atami, a perfect plsce for Digital Detox.

Facilities and accommodation

A Japanese tatami style room with a sink and a bathroom, kitchen, recreation space, and a natural hot spring with a cypress bathtub are all included in the accommodation. Refrigerator and gas stoves are also free to use.


We start Digital Detox by taking all the digital devices you have away such as a mobile, lap top or music player. (Except in the case of an emergency, you won't have any access to the devices.)

Activities range from meditation, breathing exercises, stretching, hiking, jogging, light-fasting, “stones works”, and waking through Atami.

*Contact us for any further information. info@kushunada.jp

Mindfulness program with Digital Detox

●Saturday, May. 9, 12:30pm ~ Sunday, May. 10, 3:00pm, 2015
Price*1: 23,000JPY(+tax)

*1: This includes the program fee, the tea ceremony, 2 meals and the accommodation. (The meals are simple, usually consisting of fish, brown rice, and vegetables.)

Click HERE and fill in the form to reserve a spot in the next program! (Choose 'English' from bottom left of the page.)    HERE

An example of the program schedule

*The schedule may change on the day of the program.

An example of the program schedule



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